Whether your car is one year old or ten years old we provide a range of services for your every need. The best way to avoid a nasty surprise while you’re on a journey is to ensure you get your car serviced regularly. Regular servicing can also be a condition of maintaining the manufacture’s warranty on newer cars. We offer competitive prices so you can have your car road worthy without breaking your budget. Get in touch today to book your car in.


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Whether you’ve noticed a fault or your car just isn’t running as it should, speak to us today and we will check it out. From windshields to tires we will make sure your car is road worthy.


No one wants to worry about repairs, however they’re part of life. When there’s a fault with your car, we make sure it’s not only good as new but that any replacements will ensure your car is in top health.

MOT Preparations


Most people dread their MOT but booking your car in with out MOT preparation and repair service takes the worry out and ensures your car has the best chance to pass with flying colours.


Brakes are one of a cars key safety features, they can’t protect you if you don’t look after them. We offer brake checks and repairs to ensure both you and your car will be safe on the road. Brakes are a part of your car you don’t want to put off, getting them checked regularly will help maintain their shelf life. We can check for signs of damage, wear and tear and aging before you notice a problem with your brakes.


Do you have an unknown light popping up on your dash board? Or a strange sound coming from your car? Our diagnostic service will help put an end to your concerns. We fully check your car to get rid of any problems and get you back on the road. No one likes to be without their car so we aim to get your car back to you promptly.